Spotlight Blues - Mama Blue

It all started with classical piano classes at age seven. While Sarah Sanders did not enjoy her studies at the time, they would ultimately set her on a path to meet the other version of herself she calls Mama Blue. Barely hitting five feet tall, but brimming with attitude, Mama Blue simply commands attention from the stage. The Mama Blue sound — funky, jazzy with a dash of blues and gospel — evokes the musical mélange of the 1970s. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Sanders graduated from the city’s prestigious Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. She earned a scholarship to Jacksonville University, where she majored in vocal performance and drama. Before Mama Blue, Sanders performed under her birth name in musicals with Players by the Sea and the Alhambra dinner theater, and has appeared at state and local festivals, events and venues. Her songs are unsparing in their self-examination, while compassionate toward those who relate to the experiences. Combine that original material with selections by artists who’ve inspired her, from Aretha Franklin and Etta James to Alicia Keyes and Nina Simone to rock bands like Queen and The Rolling Stones – and you have a musical journey through modern American life. With a signature flower in her hair, Mama Blue demonstrates her unique ability to reach people at the center of their souls.

From Jazz & Blues Magazine, January 2019